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🌆 Sunset

A note from IBD Events’ creator Robert Shippey.

I knew from previous projects that making a directory like this would be hard and it wouldn’t be immensely popular, so my expectations were quite low.

However, when I created a coming soon page detailing what the site would be about, I got a surprising amount of good feedback and excitement about the project. Unfortunately that level of interest quickly faded and I’ve not managed to get any kind of traction on the site since.

I knew that I would have to be the driving force for getting events into the directory, and I hoped that the community and organisers would lend a hand filling in gaps. My motivation to do the data-entry was spurred on by occasional community input, but ultimately was lacking. I tried reaching out to the national charities and large organisers to work together to better populate the site, but my attempts to foster those relationships didn’t yield results.

As a result of these factors and a long period of self reflection I’ve decided to retire the site.

The website will remain online until all the upcoming events have passed and then I’ll take it offline.

Making a positive impact on the IBD community is still a personal goal. I learnt a lot building the site and have made some connections which may will translate into future projects too. I just need to think of something new. Get in touch if you have any ideas… 💡

Thank you for visiting IBD Events.

Show Me The Money

A friend of IBD Events once gave the following insight.

 “The three most important things people want to know about an event are; what it is, when it is, and how much it costs“.

Those three bits of information will let people decide, in seconds, if they’re interested in an event.

Most of the events we list are completely free to attend, but occasionally tickets or registration is required to cover costs or when venues have limited space.

We’ve made it more clear when you need to buy tickets or simply register for a free place.

Moving forward you’ll also see the events we list accurately displaying the price (cheapest available) or “FREE” where there is no cost, including the local currency.

This forms some groundwork for future developments, so keep an eye out.

Timezones for Online Events

I’ve been fairly silently working on the code that makes the site work. I thought it was time to mention a few things I’ve been doing.

When you amazing people organise things like web chats on Twitter, I sometimes struggle with working out when the chat is happening in my timezone. Other people must find it confusing too.

I realised that I could use IBD Events to help. When an online event is listed on here, we show a panel that automatically converts the timezone into some other common zones including 2 in the US.

Hopefully you will find this as useful as me. As always, let us know about upcoming web chats, or any events, for inclusion in the directory!

We Have Liftoff!

We’ve launched..! Tentatively at least.

Well done for stumbling across the site, as we’re not making a big song and dance (yet) about the site being online.

It’s time to do a “soft launch”? so that the site can be put through it’s paces. There are still plenty of things which need improvement, and lots of features which just haven’t been added yet, but IBD Events should be able to handle the basic task of giving you information about Crohn’s and Colitis related events.

Please get in touch to let us know what you think of the site; what you love and what you don’t. Also, if you know of any events, feel free to enlighten us.

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