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At IBD Events, we raise awareness for the great meetups, support groups, fun days, conferences and more that you organise to help the community. If you love what we do too, please add a link to your website to spread the word so more people can find what they’re looking for. Below are a few examples to get you going!

Simple homepage link

<a href="">IBD Events - The directory of Crohn's and Colitis events </a>


Events in the UK

<a href="">IBD Events in United Kindgom </a>

Events in the USA

<a href="">IBD Events in United States </a>

Events in Canda

<a href="">IBD Events in Canada </a>


Educational Events

<a href="">Educational IBD Events</a>


<a href="">Upcoming Crohn's and Colitis Conferences</a>


<a href="">Fundraising events from IBD Events</a>

Support Groups

<a href="">Crohn's and Colitis Support Groups</a>

Embed in your website

We’re currently working on embeddable widgets. These will be small snippets of code you add to your website to show an up-to-date list of our events on your site. They will work like Twitter widgets that show a feed of recent tweets for a user or hashtag. Get in touch if you want to have early access (or help to develop them).


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